Another cortex question - running a progream unconnected

I had another cortex question. I’ve made a little demo program with a cortex to show our kids some things. I’d like to run it without a computer or joystick. I’ve seen some items on the web saying you can do this by selecting the connection to be by USB only, however I can’t seem to make this work.

My cortex is all updated and runs fine when I’m tethered by the USB cable, I just can’t get it to run untethered. Is this possible?

This is just a guess, but when I hear ‘usb only’ it implies that the joystick is tethered via usb.

I’ve never tried this kind of stuff but if nothing works out know you can just turn on the controller and stash it on top of the bot or under a box or something

I don’t think ROBOTC allows you to do this. I’m pretty sure ROBOTC only supports running user code while connected to a Joystick or a computer.

I know for a fact that PROS does support standalone operation though.

I’m pretty sure the USB setting is for connection to a computer. Competition (VEXnet) is for a Joystick connection, whether wireless or wired via a USB cable.

They say you need to switch to “USB Only” communication mode:


well, based on everyones comments, I tried changing the setup of the computer to USB only again. This time, I downloaded, powered down, powered it back up and it worked! Finicky controller, as I’ve done this multiple times.

Thanks everyone.

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