Another DR4B question(s)

Just a few questions…

Is it possible to put a turntable under a DR4B?

How hard would it be to build / include?

how many motors would it use / need?

Yes, take a look at sky rise robots

If you are trying to rotate the entire DR4B, it is probably possible but extremely difficult. Some teams did turrets for NbN, but those were hard and not very good. It will be slow almost no matter what.

Agreed. It seems like a turntable will be good for self-correction (Probably autonomously during driver control) and not for full-time turning(Unless for autonomous, like placing the preload cones) to have less controllable buttons (For me, it’s best to have as little buttons as possible. Last year I only had 3 to control the robot and nothing else)

i saw a skyrise team do it with a scissor lift so very possible. IDK how well they did though.

Turntable above the lift would likely be your best option