Another Elevated Field Question

I was reviewing the threads about the elevated fields and the impact it is going to have on some of the middle school teams. I have witnessed while ref’g. some matches that some of the middle school teams, particularly some of the middle school teams consisting of mostly females (Not trying to be sexist, just realistic) having difficulty raising the gates. If the fields are raised, that is going to increase the difficulty in raising the gate. I was wondering how this was going to be handled, IE - A team is trying to raise the gate, but is having trouble doing so because of the height. Thanks.


Thanks for the additional question.

The platform height is only 24" and we haven’t seen any issue at events with fields on platforms (many students have reported they prefer the slightly higher field and lifting the gate while standing without having to bend over).

We will also have a number of practice fields on platforms at the World Championship so teams can practice to ensure they have a team member lifting the gate who is able to do it.

Thank You Mr. Roberts.