Another Excellence Award Interview Question

By implying that the ideal interview will contain both you have put the larger clubs in a difficult position.

Each of my 5 middle school teams has 5 kids. Each team is traveling 3000 miles and each team is putting a lot of time and preperation for this competition. They would like an equal opportunity to compete. It seems unreasonable to both the teams and the judges to give them each a total of 2 minutes time to contribute to a presentation and a Q&A.

can the RECF make a choice will this to be a presentation or and interview? I would appreciate a simple direct and clear answer to this question.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and asking this question. The simplest answer to your question is that we leave it up to the teams to decide how to address this interview. Having multiple teams represented in the Excellence Award interview should give a club, like yours, a terrific opportunity to show the judges why they deserve the Excellence Award. The Excellence Award is a CLUB award at World Championship, not a TEAM award. It is up to your club to decide how many students to send to the interview, what type of presentation, how long to present, and how long to answer questions. In preparation for the interview, I would suggest that your CLUB examine how to “put the best foot forward” for the judges. To be as “direct” and “clear” as possible, we are leaving the contents and format of the interview up to the teams. I hope that this clears up any confusion.

Many Thanks,