Another Issue with LCD and Code Chooser

I had started a thread last week about the LCD code chooser hanging up in driver control mode if the cortex resets during a match. I got the suggestion to add a flag to the preautonomous to only run the pre auton code if bIflRobotDisabled was true. So the team did that.

The tournament that our team was participating in had trouble with tournament manager early in the day so they were using competitions switches. In one match, it appears that the pre auton code was skipped - so the robot did not run an autonomous mode at all. Could this have been caused by the competition switches? How could the team avoid that situation in the future?

The LCD and code chooser is causing the team so many problems, that I am afraid they are ready to just dump it!

Did you choose a Autonomous because we just competed Saturday with the LCD and The Code Chooser and we just forgot to pick a autonomous.

No, they did that once, too! The time I’m referring to the LCD screen was just blank - so there was no option to choose anything.

Did you turn it off then on again???

No. Should the team have done that once it was connected to the competition switch?

Yes because when you are not connected to the switch, sometimes it will not show up.

With the flag bIflRobotDisabled the robot has to be plugged into a competition switch or a competition controller and since the only time that pre-auton is run is right when the robot first starts up you need to have the robot plugged into some sort of competition controller to be able to pick which auton you want to run.

Then you must have it on the competition template.

In my opinion, the easiest way for an auton chooser is to have a potentiometer that could read the direction a little dial is turning. If you want to know what auton it is, you can just display which autonomous that is chosen by the readings from the potentiometer. Hopefully this helps :smiley:

This is a great idea! Thanks!! The team wants to go back t using a potentiometer because of all the problems we’ve had with the LCD tripping and resetting but really like having the ability to know which programs are selected. This solution is the best of both worlds! You can turn the potentiometer and the LCD will tell you which program will run, but the LCD will not hold you up from anything else!