Another Match Video as requested by the Forum Poll

First NBN Final in Michigan Match 2
I posted the first video already, so here goes the second

Just to clear things up before the questions pour in

This video does not feature any official robots from teams, 35, 32A, or 39. Please refrain from asking very specific questions because, these robots have been taken apart/modified and were very early prototypes.

3547C should have been DQ’d way early. They aren’t allowed to interfere if you are touching (you don’t have to be in) the loading zone.

You are absolutely right, the refereeing was not spot on for this competition at all, a lot of sketchy things happened throughout the duration of it. It is the first competition tough everyone is still learning the ropes.

But isn’t not going in the tile like the main rule of the game. Even the non trained people can tell that is illegal.

Yes again sadly the competition wasn’t refereed as well as it could have been, there was also a lot of touching the low goal. A lot of illegal stuff was happening.

No they should not have been DQ’d. What 3547C did was perfectly legal. The rules only say the opposing alliance cannot enter the loading zone. There is nothing wrong with pushing a robot that is outside of the loading zone. To be protected by SG7, team 32A would have had to have been completely within the loading zone. Notice also that 3547C left the elevation zone before the last 30 seconds of the match.

But isn’t it still illegal to enter the opposing alliances tile? In skyrise any part of the robot touching the opposing tile was subject to DQ.

This isn’t Skyrise.

My fault, i told them to play a bit of defense.
Mind you, they were middle schoolers with little understanding of the rules and they would only back off when getting yelled at by the refs.

That’s incorrect. You can enter the climbing zone (4 squares) until the last 30 seconds.
You can never enter the loading zone.
However, it is stated in the official thread (I don’t have time to find it) that you can’t touch a robot that is touching the loading zone.

Don’t feel bad about telling them to work defense, it is going to be a big part of this game to disrupt aiming.

I’m aware of this, but that was a G rule was it not?

Found it:

Looks like they should have been DQ’d. I was not aware of this update.

No. This is not a G rule. This year, teams can touch the opposing alliance’s starting tile, just not the loading zone, either directly or “indirectly.” I don’t agree with this rule, but it’s there apparently.

The other thing I saw on the tape was them saying at the end that the lifting robot cannot be touching the side for the lift to count. I don’t believe this is true either, it just can’t use the perimeter to help lift, but it can touch it from the inside.

Teams should only be disqualified or given official warnings after a match. During the match they should be given an unofficial verbal warning by a ref (that should definitely have happened here, and didn’t). That’s usually enough to get inexperienced teams to stop before they earn themselves a disqualification.

I was not aware of this update.

I don’t agree with this rule, but it’s there apparently.

I posted a thread about this about a month ago. The GDC’s justification for the rule is safety.

Thank you for that haha, so this team should have been given a warning at least.

One other rule that is a little obscure, and has changed, is that during skills you can only launch the match loads from the side they started on. So you have to start on one side, launch those loads, then move to the other to launch the other half.

Yeah. Not knowing the score and not seeing the match in person it’s hard to say if a DQ would have been appropriate. It’s quite possible. However, a ref should have intervened before it got to that point by yelling to the team to back off (which has no actual rules meaning, it’s just advice to help teams to keep themselves out of trouble).

Is it legal to shoot a ball at an enemy robot that is in their colored squares?

I don’t think this is technically illegal. Not sure of the usefulness of it…but might be funny.