Another sizing question

actually, two questions:

  1. are drivers allowed to manipulate the robot once it’s been plugged into the field control system and disabled, to make sure it fits within the sizing constraints?
  2. is this bracket (part 275-1188 ) VRC legal? It does say VRC legal in the description which applies to all the products on that page, but that particular model cannot be added to the cart.

Regarding the gearbox bracket…

I believe that bracket is still legal as it is part of the linear motion kit that is listed on the page of discontinued parts. Parts found on this page are still legal, even though you can’t buy them.


It’s not a matter of “allowed,” it is required that your robot fit into the size constraints. The referee will use a sizing tool if necessary to make sure your robot is legal to start, and you will need to do whatever it takes to make it that way before the match can start. If you cannot obtain the legal starting position, for the game manual your robot will be removed from the field.

Just curious, as it is so late in the season for such a basic question, have you had issues with sizing in previous competitions?


We’re adding additional rubber bands to a four-bar link to make it easier on the motor, but that also pulls the arm up when it’s the down position making the bot slightly longer than 18". Tends to happen after going thru an enable-disable cycle and thus requires a manual intervention to push it back all the way down. Just wondering if we’d be able to get away with this at Worlds.

Please review rule G4 in the game manual. Before the match starts, you need to have your robot in size, and it has to stay there. Getting your robot to the required starting size is part of setup before the match starts. Whatever you did at states to squish it to size will be fine at worlds…it’s all the same game manual/same rules.


Is it safe to assume that the robot is going to be plugged into the field controller and disabled prior to this step?

A match at worlds runs just like matches you have done at local events: you put your robot on the field, get it ready, and plug in your controller. YOU do all these things, so if you need to futz with your controller and bot, then don’t plug in until you’re ready. But be cognizant of rule T4 in the game manual. The referees (and your alliance partners) will get pretty annoyed if you take too long to get setup and into size. You would be wise to find a way that your bot stays in size without having to mess with it.


For instance, take off a rubber band or two, so it doesn’t lift on its own.

They could also make a part that holds it in size, and then pops out of the way when they drive the lift down. You see tons of clever solutions for sizing.