Another weird error...permission denied?

Back at it again with another error:

error: unable to open output file 'build/src/main.o': 'permission denied'

what is causing this??

This happens to me when working with GitHub or similar version control. Are you using something like that?

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Yep. (20 characters)

Hopefully the build folder is not under version control.
Were there any other errors in the output tab ?


Yep, my team’s GitHub repo has a commit called “got rid of the pointless build files”, that should be your first step :slight_smile:

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No other errors. When i try to open the build folder in file explorer it says access denied

Remove the “build” folder from your GitHub repo, then download the file from GitHub and see if it works. (Hint, hint, it should. :slight_smile: )

are you on Mac or windows ? (windows I assume) so there must be some other program or something that’s either protected the folder or something like that, anti-malware ?

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I’m on windows (20 char again)

Wait remove the entire build folder? How will the code execute?

It will recompile that folder. That folder should be in your .gitignore file so you don’t accidentally commit it. Compiled code generally shouldn’t be tracked by git or any version control system.

Edit for extra information:

main.o is a compiled object file. It is a non-executable compiled version of what I assume is main.cpp Compiled object files get linked together with other ones such as ones from other files in your project or libraries to form the executable(this is how it works on pretty much any modern c/c++ compiler but I’m not sure for V5 because its an embedded system).