answer to " Vex and I2C devices"

There are no commands for this but it is simple (and yet a long process) to make your own. Google ‘i2c’ and research it and you’ll find out lots more about it. You can then read and write to i2c sensors using digital input and output commands in sequences that you place in functions. I believe there are other threads on the subject though so I suggest you search it.

The I2C interface is not brought out like the UART, even thought the I2C interface is supported by the PIC18F8520 micro-controller used on the Vex Controller. The same is true of the SPI interface, which is dedicated for inter-processor communications between the Master and the USER processors.
This is indeed unfortunate since there are many sensor devices that use both the I2C and SPI interfaces

Yes thats true, a binary interface with vex would be so simple so you could buy a PIC or PICAXE (just something cheap and easy) and read the i2c device from there and translate to binary or something

A $5.00 ADC0831 analog to digital converter would work also to translate binary.


Even though the hardware I2C is not available to you, it is possible to implement software I2C by ‘bit-banging’ any of the digital ports. Google ‘bit-bang I2C’

The only real issue is that the Vex Controller digital ports have protective resistors and capacitors that severely limit the speed at which you can toggle the bits. IIRC, you can’t go faster than 1Khz.

bit banging is kind of what i meant, although i did not know about this 1Khz limit, thats pretty slow, yet fast enough after you do some coding

another good suggestion, i think im going to get some i2c easyC code going than interface it with my SP03 speech sythesizer and my SRF08 ultrasonic (see my website for pics)

I’m interested it. Can I tell me where it’s? Thanks million.
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