Answered: 2 wire motor questions.

With the new 2 wire motors, do they use the same replacement gear pack as the old motors? And do you have stronger Servos?

The new 2-wire motors do NOT use the same replacement gears – the entire motor has been redesigned and uses more robust metal gears. We do not sell replacement, as we do not expect these gears to need replacing…

We do not currently have a higher powered servo, though users can build their own “servo functionality” using a motor, sensor (potentiometer recommended) and a software feedback loop.


Ok. But what if we don’t want to buy an extra set of potentiometers for each motor?

You may be able to get the strength you need with gearing.

But then the degree it turns at is smaller.

You may want to post your question where the VEX Community can give you some suggestions.