Answered: 2 wire motor393

We have had problems with this motor. One broke a gear shaft when in operation. Others have chiped gears when in use as drive motors. We were in the process of changing over from 3 wire to 2 motors as the 3 wire are discontinued. We tried adding clutches but they just stripped with torgue from the motor. Any help with this? Have others noted this issue? I do not believe a rebuild kit is avialable for these motors. Our experience has been that 3 wire motors are the most reliable and have very few issues and can be rebuild easily.
Can motors be returned or exchanged? They are an expense.

Hi rpayne12,
We’ve had some user’s comment on shaft & gear failures in the 2-wire motor 393, but in general these failures only occur when a user “beats up” on the motor (i.e. very high loading, or repeated shock loads).

You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of saying they prefer the original 3-wire motor to the 393 motor.

We are working on bringing a rebuild kit to market, but in the short term there isn’t any solution available for you to fix the motor yourself.

I recommend you contact our support folks and discuss your options with them directly.