Answered: 23 mode with jumper 14

In 4 wheel drive number 1 channel appears to control motors 2,7 and 8 even though it should only control motor 1 (not installed). Channel 2 also controls the same three motors and channel 3 controls only motor 3. I have it set for 23 mode and jumber 14 is installed.

What’s happening?


The unit is functioning normally. Please refer to the Appendix E, E.6 for the mapping of a 4 motor configuration with the Transmitter in “23 mode” and Jumper 14 set on the Vex Micro Controller. It shows that Channel 1 and 2 control Motor Outputs 1, 2, 7, and 8. Channel 3 controls Motor Output 3.

I may have an incorrect Appendix E.6 as my Table shows Ch 1 controlling just Motor 1, but in fact Ch 1 controlls 2 (1 is not hooked up), 7 and 8. Channel 2 controls the same motors even though the Table indicates just Motors 2 and 7. Channel 3 controls just Motor 3, and not Motor 8 as shown on my table. I have Motors 2,3 , 7 and 8 wired in.

Did I receive an incorrect page E.6?


**The Inventors Guide released with the Starter Kit does have a few errors. We have corrected all the errors that have been found and posted the updated Inventors Guide on our web site, see our Downloads page **

Thank you - this answers my concern as my Appendix was out of date