Answered: 269 Motor and Motor Controller 29

Pictures below shows picture of a new 269 that we opened . The motor was opened less than an hour and was never put into much stress. Yes , this motor is recently bought. It looks as though it was a manufacturing defect. There was no debris found in the motor .From the wires , you can see that the motor was just open.

As for the motor controller 29 , when my team found out that the robot was not working normally after a practice , we checked and it appears as though the motor controller 29 is burnt out .

Burnt motor controller 29

Comparing the broken internal gears and a normal one

The motor we took out from

The gear that broke off

Another part of the gear

Unfortunately , we are the only teams facing this problem.


This units are covered by our warranty.
In order to get replacements for the damaged units please send an email to and request an RMA number.