Answered: 269 mounting screws

So yesterday while building one side of our drive dropped on the ground. When we picked it up one 269 motor broke. When I mean broke the mounting screws broke off from the motor.
Is there any way to fix this, and use the motor for competition still?
We don’t have extra 269 motors, so what could we do?
Please see my unofficial thread for picture

A motor with broken mounts isn’t much use. A brand-new model 269 motor is only $13 – you might want to do some fund raising and get some spares. Around here you can earn $15 (or more) for mowing a lawn, and there are some great fund-raising ideas posted on this forum. Good luck.

Alright thanks for your quick reply. No one does this.
It’s not that we don’t have cash. It is just that our advisor wants to slowly get in to the 269 motors. Our advisor believes the 269 motors are not really necessary needs. The only 269 motors came from one cortex bundle. Thanks for your reply. This just reminded me that we have the motor controllers, so I don’t need to buy the 19.99. :smiley:

I don’t know how long your school has been working with VEX, but broken mounts are pretty unusual. If you order spares, make sure you save your broken motor. If you over-drive a motor it is possible to break the metal gears inside and you can then use your broken motor as a source of replacement parts.

This is a pretty good example of engineering in action. Every mechanical system has a weak point, and that’s what’s going to fail if it is abused. I know some teams are now using programming to match the rotation of a system (like wheels or an arm) with the power applied. If the controller is sending power to a mechanism and the shaft encoder or other sensor does not show that the mechanism is moving, they can cut power automatically before something breaks. It’s also very important to use limit switches to control the movement of arms at the limits of their range of motion.

Maui High has been working with VEX since elevation. We have won numerous spots for Worlds, but travel cost, area where worlds is, and frc are reasons we don’t attend. Reason is that our advisors rather go frc world then vex worlds.
I have been only on Maui High’s team the past year, but I know there history because Iao school 803 started the same year as them. I have attended worlds, and it is a great experience.
Thanks for your advice about saving the motor. I forgot about I can recycle the gears.