Answered: 2wire specs?

Was wondering what the specs of the two-wires are.

Can you be more specific?

Each 2-Wire Motor has information on its product page:

2-Wire Motor 269 -

2-Wire Motor 393 -

Ahh, sorry. I meant the literal wires themselves. Specifically the gauge of the wire.


They will be the same gauge as the ones for the PWM driver.


Gotcha, thanks. Looks like my eyes deceived me… was convinced the 2wires were thinner. XD

If I may ask, is there anyway to recrimp the heads on the 2wires? Servo heads are easy, but I have had trouble locating the heads for the 2wires. Over the past year, we have accumulated quite a few snapped male connectors on 2wire extensions/motors.


Have you considered buying a few packs of 2-Wire Extension Cables?
You can cut off the two-wire male connector and replace the damaged connector on the motor.

Hope this helps.