Answered: 36" Diameter Clarification

With the rules of the 36" diameter (I think that’s the right distance), can the diameter move? I’m sure it probably is, but I just want some clarification to ensure that’s correct. By the way thank you very much for responding :smiley:

The 36" maximum refers to the widest point on a given robot, measured parallel to the field tiles. It is not a fixed circle about an imaginary center of the robot. This can be visualized by picturing a 36" yardstick above the robot - if any part of the robot exceeds the length of the yardstick, then it would be in violation.

The August 17th manual update will include a revision to the wording of SG14 to help make this more clear. Hopefully this answers your question - if it does not, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit.