Answered: 3D Printing Material Clarification.

I have noticed a few things watching the Q&A throughout the past couple of months and would like to clarify them considering I can’t seem to find the source to half of the information in a recent post on the Q&A forum.

In the follow up questions on this thread the question was asked if the composite materials such as woods and metals were allowed to be used.

This was deemed illegal.

In the past we were planning on printing in metal because we could. Question was asked.

Printing in metal was also deemed illegal.

However in this post I noticed the second half of this question stated that metal printing was legal and have found no thread actually answering this question.


I would assume that metal would not be allowed, I would just like the clarified once and for all so I can make calls to the proper people if need be.

Thanks in Advanced.

  • Andrew

Edit: I noticed that I had misread the second post, but his second question still contradicts information provided by the first post. Original questions still stand. :slight_smile:


The rules are quite clear. The parts must be plastic. This was further clarified in the thread you linked to.

I am confused by your question. Where have you seen a contradiction of this from the Game Design Committee?

It was a silly misreading on my part, sorry about that Karthik. I’ve been linked to all the threads in question now. I just wasn’t sure if I could remove this thread or not after I posted it.

  • Andrew

No worries, I just wanted to make sure that we weren’t missing something!