Answered: 5 second pinning

In section <SG4> of the elevation rules manual it does not clearly specify the meaning of five seconds. Five seconds of pinning can have two different meanings but written in the same format.

First form- ‘In total five seconds of pinning during the whole two minute match.’
Second form- ‘Counting restarts every time the pinning ends.’ Example if robot A pins robot B for 4 seconds then robot A drives away but later pins robot B again for another 4 seconds and so on.

Thank you.

Counting restarts each time pinning ends. Pinning is considered at an end when the pinning robot “backs off” and allows the pinned robot to move freely. This is as the discretion of the referee.

The intent of this rule is… don’t pin.

Knowing that intent, don’t complain to the referee that your team was unfairly DQ’d when you *clearly *backed off in 4.5 seconds. Don’t pin.