Answered: 7.2v Battery Problems

Hi, we have 3 vex 3000mah batteries, and the connectors keep sliding out of the plug.

they keep falling out during practice games, please can you suggest a match legal repair to stop the 2 connections coming out of the plug

Thanks In Advance


It may be that the clip on the power connector of the Cortex is worn out.
If that’s the case you will need to RMA your Cortex(s) for inspection of the power connector.


hi i should clarify … what it is is the two prongs actually come out of the white connector … the connector clips into the cortex fine, but the actual red and black cable freely slide out of the white connector, while the white connector stays into the cortex

i have done a quick repair by using tape but it isn’t great …



Unfortunately we cannot fix the failure you describe.
If you battery is covered under the 90-Day Warranty, we will replace it.
If not, I recommend you to purchase a new unit.


thanks, it is outside the 90 day :frowning: … we will probs order some in the next couple of weeks

thanks for your help !