Answered: A Couple of VEX Online Promote Award Questions

  1. My team is currently working on our 2013 Promote Award entry. However, another team in our club also wants to make a video. Is it legal for two teams from the same general club (i.e and A and B teams with the same registration number) to make and submit different videos? And if this is legal, does it undermine either video’s chances of being selected for the final judging process?

  2. What’s the policy of copyrighted music used in a video? We’re thinking of using a rather popular television commercial tune in our video. If copyright infringement isn’t allowed, can we modify the original work in order to make it legal?


The same school/club may submit more than one entry.

The official rules require that you post your entry to YouTube. You will have more problem with their copyright rules than with ours. The Online Challenges do not have a rule regarding the use of copyrighted music. We do expect that the Promote Video is your own work, but that does not extend to composing your own music.

Okay, thank you!