Answered: A Moving Block

If a red robot is preventing a blue robot, from scoring in its own blue 5, 10 and 20 point zones by moving itself to block blue’s movements to counter its last block, is this illegal? The context of the situation is that the red robot is in front of the white line separating the field from the blue five-point zone.

From an audience’s perspective, this seems to be a form of trapping since the blue robot is trying to score by moving through the are the opposing robot is in. In addition, as the blue robot moves, the red robot makes an active effort to re-trap itself. This means I cannot score without violating <SG7> by pushing the opposing robot into our own 5 point zone. So is this strategy illegal to do as the red robot forces the blue robot to violate a rule? Or is this a form of trapping by the blue robot on red? Or is there no violation of the rules by any team in this instance?

~ Thank you for clarifying.

It sounds like you are discussing a scenario similar to the one described in this Q&A post:

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