Answered: A question about the 6 inch PWM cables that you sell.

Just a quick question - do the 6 inch PWM cables use the same “White-Red-Black” wire as the 12 inch and 24 inch cables that you sell?

I know that the “Y” cables are different and I thought that the 6 inch PWM cables were different too, but I wasn’t sure. I’m hoping that they are the same as the 12 inch and 24 inch cables.


The 6" PWM Cables we sell in a 4-pack are currently the “unkeyed” white-red-black versions that you describe.

We are considering changing all our PWM cables to have the VEX keyed connector in the future.

That’s great news! I will have to add the 6 inch PWM cables to my Christmas list - I can really use them. I assume that the wire is the same gauge as the other ones too.

I’m really glad that you are considering having the VEX keyed connectors on the PWM cables in the future. I always wondered why you didn’t do that since there was already a 6 inch extension cable in the original starter kit.