Answered: A question.

Are the ports on the microcontroller PWM and 5V? Cause if they are I’m going to do something with them… It’s going to make history if it hasn’t been done yet!!

**Please refer to the WiKi web pages for detailed port information:

PIC Microcontroller -**

CORETE Microcontroller -

It says they are PWM port, but which ones? And they are 5V. How do you program a pwm port?

Which Microcontroller are you using and which port are you wanting to know about?

I am using the old pic chip. I’d like to learn about all of the ports to see if I can do what I want to do.

**From the WiKi about the PIC Microcontroller:

Digital/Analog, Interrupts, Motor Outputs: Outside pin (closest to the controller edge) Ground
Digital/Analog, Interrupts: Center pin (or middle pin) + 5 Volts, 1 Amp Max combined total from all pins
Motor Outputs: Center pin (or middle pin) + Battery Power, 4 Amps Max combined total from all pins
Digital/Analog, Interrupts, Motor Outputs: Inside pin (furthest from the controller edge) Signal / Control line

An example for a Digital Output: the outside pin is Ground. The center pin is +5V. The inside pin is the Signal or Control line. Although the Control line can be considered a 5V logic line, the actual voltage swing will depend on the load connected to it. The specifics as to what that Control line can drive as an output is as follows:

Digital/Analog and Interrupts as Outputs: As outputs these ports can drive an open circuit to 0.6v or lower for a low and 4.0 volts or higher for a high. They can drive a 1 mA load to 1.6v or lower for a low and 3.0 volts or higher for a high.**