Answered: A whole host of questions

Hello Vex Administrators. We attended our first competition a couple of weeks ago, and after attending our team has a couple of questions regarding some specifics in the rules.

Regarding Preloads

  1. Is there a combination of objects that is legal to preload other than one ball and one barrel? Could you, for instance, preload two balls? Or two barrels?
  2. Are you allowed to preload more than two objects onto the robot?
  3. Are the preloads able to protrude out of the 18”x18”x18” box?

Regarding Robot Failures When Hooked Up To The Competition Switch

  1. Can you turn the robot off during the competition and back on if it is touching the colored tile?
  2. If the autonomous program (which DOES WORK when tested on the competition switch simulator) does not work in the match, is there something that can be/is done?
  3. Can you turn your controllers off and back on?
  4. If the robot disables itself (they just stop working) during the match, what are you supposed to do? Is there a solution or way to fix it? Is there a location the robot has to be to troubleshoot?
  5. If it only happens when connected to a competition switch, what can we do to fix the problem?
  6. How many robots have to fail on the same switch before the switch is checked? If a competition switch is found to be faulty will all matches that had a robot fail be re-run?

Regarding Interacting with the Robot

  1. You can interact with the robot assuming it is on the colored tile. Is there any restriction on what you can and cannot move or do?
  2. Can you interact with the robot during autonomous?

Regarding Loading Game Objects During a Match

  1. Can you load objects in the isolation zone, assuming the robot is touching the colored tile?
  2. Can you load more objects onto the robot during autonomous?
  3. Can we put objects onto the robot assuming ANY part of the robot is touching the colored tile? Or does the part of the robot the game objects are being loaded into need to be on the tile?
  4. How many game objects can be loaded at one time onto the robot?
  5. Is it correct that the Doubler barrel MUST be loaded in the Interaction zone, and the Negater barrel MUST be loaded in the Isolation zone?

Regarding Choosing Teams

  1. If a robot is, say, ninth seed as of completing the preliminary rounds and would move up to pick an alliance partner, if they deny joining an alliance are they allowed to still choose an alliance partner? This is assuming they moved into a “picking position”.

Regarding Field Setup

  1. If the balls in the Isolation zone have rolled slightly, are we allowed to call a Referee over to straighten them? Or do we just have to let them be?

In the future, please use a separate thread for each unrelated question. Thank you.

Let’s take a look at the VEX Gateway Game Manual for the specific rule. Some text is bolded for emphasis.

Thus teams may not load two Balls or two Barrels. Teams can only Preload a maximum of one (1) Ball and one (1) Barrel.

No, please see the above quoted rule.

Yes, there is no rule preventing this behavior, thus it is legal.

Let’s take a look at the applicable rules in the VEX Gateway Manual.

Turning the robot on and off would be considered an attempt to fix the robot. Thus it would be legal during the Autonomous Period if the Robot is touching the Alliance Starting Tile.

As mentioned above, turning the Robot on and off is considered an attempt to fix the Robot. Thus it is legal during the Driver Controlled Period IF the robot has never left the Alliance Starting Tile.

If this happens at an event, you should let the field personnel know immediately, and they can work with you to find a solution.

Yes this is allowed.

If your robot stops working during a match, you should watch it carefully to notice any/all symptoms. Once the referees gives the all clear signal after the match, you should take your robot back to the pit and attempt to fix the problem. If you feel it’s necessary, feel free to ask the field personnel to investigate the problem with you.

You should talk to the event personnel and have them work with you to fix the problem.

This is up to the event staff, there are no blanket rules governing these types of situations. Here is the one rule from the VEX Gateway Manual dealing with replays.

Yes, there are many restrictions, all of which are listed in the VEX Gateway Game Manual in rules <SG5> and <SG6>, which have been quoted above in the response to the previous parts of your question.

Yes you may. The full rule detailing interaction with your own robot during the Autonomous Period is <SG5>, which has been quoted above.

The rule regarding Match Loads is <SG7>, which I’ve quoted below for your convenience. I’ve bolded some text.

Thus, the only Scoring Objects which can be introduced in the Isolation Zone are the Negation Barrels.

<SG7> answers this question. Yes, you may introduce Match Loads during the Autonomous Period. Please see the bolded green text, quoted above.

As stated in <SG7> the Robot must be touching the Alliance Starting Tile. There is no other restriction in the rule.

There is no restriction on the number of Match Loads that can be loaded at once.

Yes, this is correct. <SG7> quoted above mentions this. Please see the bolded text.

The Alliance Selection Rules are detailed in Section 3 of the VEX Gateway Manual. I’ve quoted the portion pertinent to your question.

Yes, a team who declines an invitation may still become an Alliance Captain and select a partner if the opportunity arises.

Yes, you may request that the referee reposition the ball. The referee will decide if the ball as moved enough to warrant being repositioned. Please remember rule <G13> regarding field tolerances, quoted below for your convenience.