Answered: About Hawaii Competition

I wonder that whether the Hawaii VRC Competition is an official competition.
If so, what is the level of competition?

Yes, the Hawaii events are official VEX Robotics Competition events. They are holding a few smaller events on different islands in October and November, but the big one is the Pan Pacific Championship Dec 4-6 in Honolulu.

There are already over 75 teams registered for the VEX Robotics Pan Pacific Championship and they have room for some more. I would think the level of competition should be pretty impressive - there are already over 20 teams signed up from the Asian Robotics League (which had 4 of the final 6 teams at the VEX World Championship back in May) and over 50 other teams from Hawaii and the mainland US. It should be a great event with great competition. The Pan Pacific Championship will have multiple fields and will also have the full Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenges. It looks like 6-12 teams from the Pan Pacific Championship will qualify for the VEX World Championship in Dallas and/or the CREATE Foundation Championship of the Americas in Omaha in April.

Someone from the Pan Pacific Championship planning committee told me they will probably be posting an update and announcement to the forums in the next few days, but hopefully this answers your question for now.