Answered: Above goal stacking

ok, I just want to clarify that stacking is legal.

"Rule 2. A Scoring Object is not fully below the top of the PVC pipes of a Circular Goal and partially within
the outer ring of the Circular Goal. (See figure 5) "

First: It is implied that the projection of the outer ring from the floor to infinity above the goal determines a scored object. Correct?

Second: A robot holding a stack of game objects above a goal and partially within this projection would score all the objects except the ones touching the robot. I.e. a “pancake” stack held by the bottom piece would score all but the bottom piece. Correct?


Yes, this is correct.

Yes, this is correct. The Scoring Objects would meet the requirements of Clause 2 of the definition of Scored (quoted in the above post) and only the objects touching the *Robot *would violate <SG3> (quoted below)