Answered: Accelerometer problem

Hi, I am new to VEX and programming in easyC but I am currently playing around with using the built in accelerometer to control the drive motors on the robot. The program I have made works by using an arcade drive block with 4 motors using the X axis on the accel. to move forward and reverse, and the Y axis on the accel. to turn…or so it should.

My program reads the accel. and retrieves it to a local variable for each of the two axises, then uses an if/else staement to switch between the accel drive and tank drive when a button is pushed.

When i use the terminal window after deploying code to the cortex controller i get constant messages saying something along the lines of “Channel X is out of range on the JoyStick”. I cant figure out what exactly im doing wrong if anything. Can someone give some tips?

Thanks in advanced!

**Unfortunately we can not help with programming questions, you will need to post your question in the easyC Section or where the VEX Community can answer you. **