Answered: Act of Descoring

In a recent tournament I attempted to descore a cube and as the cube was being de scored it fell to an “non-derscore able” position while the robot was actively possesing it. The ref ruled an illegal descore but as it was not match affecting it was just a warning.

My question is, if a robot is descoring a cube and accidentally knocks it down is it legal to continue that act of descoring that cube as long as the robot continues possession throughout?
Here is a video of the descore. It occurs at 1:50

This is a very difficult situation for a referee since the action is happening very quickly. If a Cube is in a position where it is legal to remove, but then moved into an illegal to remove position, it can no longer be legally removed. The action in the video appears to be an illegal removal of a Cube for the reason just described. However if it is not absolutely clear that the Cube changed from a legal to illegal remove state, referees will only issue a warning.

Thanks so much for the quick response. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

You’re welcome!

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