Answered: Aggressive Autonomous

Ok so a little backstory. We have an autonomous that we had been working on all day and we won every time but it wasnt what we wanted. So we changed values until it worked. It puts the cube over the center of the fence. The opposing team however had an autonomous to try and block our cube autonomous. The cube decompressed and shot foward some out of the claw and knocked them over. We were warned for being overly agressive during autonomous.

The question is is this an actual problem for other teams and or since they made a program to try and stop ours from working were we ok.
Karthik please help.

Much love 5245

It is legal for teams to have autonomous modes that try and block Scoring Objects from coming over the Fence. It is also legal for Scoring Objects to hit and/or land on opposing Robots during gameplay. Neither of these should result in warnings or penalties.