Answered: Aiming of Moveable Goals for Remote Scoring

In a previous Q&A, it was asked if points could be scored by placing a goal under a hoarding robot that was high hanging with many of your rings in its basket. The answer was yes.

I am wondering if the same principle would apply to one still on the ground if a team were to tilt the goal in such a way as to aim at a hoarder robot without having the lip touch the ground. Since you would not be in contact with the rings, I would think it would count, though it could be difficult to tell what is threading the projection and what is not.

Also, would it be allowed to hold a goal upside down so as to make the rings on one goal also within the projection of another for score? I know the modified rule intends to prevent dual scoring of a ring, but it seems that doing this (though difficult) would be a possible way to get around the new rule.

One last thing… I am assuming the projection is the size and shape of the rod itself, not the topper of a goalpost. Is this correct?

Yes, this would be a legal, yet difficult way to score.

No, rings can only count as scored on one goal.

Yes, this is correct.