Answered: Alliance Member Robot Considered Scoring Object

I was watching the Referee Training video on Possession and was wondering, if you happen to have 4 balls possessed by your robot and then elevate your alliance team member, would this be in violation of <SG8>.

I read the manual and a “scoring object” is defined as a ball or bonus ball. Your alliance team’s robot is an object being scored, so can be loosely defined as a “Scoring Object.”

I think it is legal to possess 4 balls and then elevate an alliance member as the rules are written, but I am asking for clarification because I can see this scenario happening.

The definition of Scoring Object is quite clear. It is either a Ball or a Bonus Ball. A Robot is neither a Ball nor a Bonus Ball. Thus, by definition, a Robot is not a Scoring Object.

Okay, thank you for your response. I figured as much but wanted to be absolutely clear.

You’re welcome.