Answered: Alliance selection- Seed says no for an invitation?

This is from another thread I started and I was recommended to post here due to the nature of the question.

Hi everyone, seems the alliance selection process is still a myth and there are so many different situations. I have a specific question about teams who said no to an invitation.

We have just hosted the game last Saturday and it was a bit chaotic during the Alliance Selection process. It would be great to have a special session for event partner for this process.

According to the game manual “If a team declines an invitation, they CANNOT be invited into another alliance, but are
still available to select their own alliance if the opportunity arises.”

Does this rule applies to the seed team?

Situation 1
Top team invited the 3rd team, 3rd team can say no. Does it mean that
Q1 3rd team cannot be picked by 2nd team?
Q2 3rd team will still be able to select another team when it comes to their turn.

Situation 2
A team refused to choose an alliance.
Q3. Do they have the right to do it?

Situation 3
Top team invited all the teams and they all turned down the invite
Q4. Will they be the an alliance with only 1 team?
Q5. Can team ranked at 2nd position still choose any other team?

To further clarify the situation, I’d like to point out what happened.

#1 selected #2 which was accepted
#3 (a team with very young and new members to the game) selected #4, #4 refused and so does #5-#10
#11 accepted the challenge.
#4 tried to invite #5, but since #5-#10 refused the invitation before, they won’t be able to be invited, is that correct?


 Every team will choose a student to act as a Team Representative.
o These student representatives will proceed to the playing field at the designated time to
represent their teams in the Alliance Selection.
 There will be eight alliances formed in the Alliance Selection.
 In order of tournament ranking, the Team Representative of the highest ranked team not
already in an alliance will be asked to step forward as an Alliance Captain to invite another
available team to join their alliance.
 A team is available if they are not already part of an alliance, or have not already declined an
alliance invitation.
o If the team accepts, it is moved into that alliance.
o If a team declines an invitation, they CANNOT be invited into another alliance, but are
still available to select their own alliance if the opportunity arises.
o If a team declines, the Alliance Captain from the inviting team must then extend another
 This process will continue until all eight Alliance Captains have been designated and chosen
one alliance partner.
 The same method is used for each Alliance Captain's second choice. Teams will select
in the same order they did in the first round. Any teams remaining after alliance eight
makes their second choice will not compete in the Elimination Matches.
 Some smaller events may choose to use a different alliance format to better suit the number of
teams, please see the event modification section of this document for more details.


Q1. Yes, the #3 seed cannot be picked by the #2 seed team, since the #3 seed had already declined an offer.
Q2. Yes, the #3 seed retains their right to select a team, despite having declined an offer.

Yes. However, this means they will not be a part of the Elimination Matches. By declining to select, they are no longer eligible to be chosen. Since they chose not to select and are ineligible to be chosen, they cannot be part of the elimination rounds.

If all teams at the event have turned down an invitation, then all teams are ineligible to be selected. So in this extreme situation, the event would be forced to play with eight alliances of one team. However, I would hope that we never end up in this sort of situation.

Yes, this is correct.