Answered: Allowable size of washers under <R7> c.

I’m very happy to see that <R7> c. was modified to allow for commercially available washers but I would like to know if there is a limit on how large those washers can be. For example, it’s not unusual to find 0.5 inch diameter washers for #8 screws. And my kids recently got some 1 inch diameter washers to tinker with. So, would 1 inch diameter washers still be legal under <R7> c.?

There is not limit, provided that the washers are not being used for an additional functionality beyond their intended use. (i.e. You can’t use a stack of giant washers as flywheel.)

Sorry to bug you again but I’m not exactly sure what “their intended use” would be limited to. In past years, I’ve seen kids use the regular Vex washers for things like spacers and rollers, for example. In fact, it seems that washers are rarely used to simply help support something with a screw going through them.

My kids don’t have any specific plans to use these large washers they found, so I don’t have a specific application to ask about. I was hoping for some clarification because I sometimes serve as an inspector at tournaments.

Regular VEX washers can be used for any purpose whatsoever. Non VEX washers of custom sizes should be used in the normal functionality of a washer. The intent of this rule is provide teams with a bit of freedom by allowing them to acquire basic hardware from local sources. The intent of this rule is not to allow teams to gain an advantage by using unusually sized hardware for non fastening purposes.