Answered: Altered Rules Clarification

NOTE: This is for a normal non-special VRC Competition in the High School Division that can qualify to other events in VEX Robotics.
If a rule doesn’t exist, does a referee have permission to make up rules? If a rule does exist, does a referee have permission to make a rule lacking/removed from the competition? Is it allowed for competitions to change the rulings around to fit their needs, or does a competition have to follow the rules as logically correct as possible?
EDIT//: I am intending on using this a source in the future if it ever is needed. I do not intend to blame any judge/competition, especially when I have never seen any rules altered from the official game manual in South Texas by the competition or referees.
Thank you so much for your time :smiley:

  • [TVA] Connor

To quote the relevant referee training video: