Answered: Ambiguity in Autonomous Scoring

Hello Karthik!

This year’s game is different from any other VRC game in that not all game objects are visible when they are scored. With robots becoming more and more efficient as the World Championships approaches and autonomous programs getting more complex, how will referees count large numbers of sacks scored in troughs after the 15 sec autonomous period? I know that most refs at the end of a match have to “sort” through all the scored sacks to get an official final score. Will this be the procedure for determining the autonomous bonus winner? (If the question has been posed/answered before, I apologize)

Thanks for doing what you’ve been doing.

Referees will try and determine the Autonomous winner in the most efficient and accurate way possible. Since an exact score is not required, in most cases this can be done very quickly. However, there is the possibility of situations arising where the referees will have to pause play for a few seconds before Driver Control Mode, to perform a full count.