Answered: Another clarification on <SG6a> - Direct versus indirect contact

Hey Karthik, I have a question about <SG6a> that has not been addressed in the latest update of the game manual. The rule states the following. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

This rule says nothing about indirect contact. For example, due to the wording of this rule, it would seem that a robot may pin, trap, grapple, push, or otherwise restrict the movement of an opposing robot if done indirectly; a a star could be used for this. If a robot has a hold on a star on the other side of the fence and is using it to manipulate the opposing robots, without ever touching the opposing robot with the physical metal, plastics, electronics, etc. of the first team’s bot, (and also not restricting the movements of the opposing team with the parts of the bot that may or may not be on the other side of the field) then the whole scenario would seem to be legal.
If I recall correctly, you ruled pushing matches of a star under the fence legal; this would simply be a larger application of this ruling. If, say, a bot pushed a large amount of stars under the fence and altered the course of the opposing robot on their way to either score or hang, resulting in the score or hang not being completed (match effecting) would this still be legal? What if this course alteration was not as match effecting, where the opposing bot simple “got in the way?” (the scenario which I am most curious about) Or, say a line of stars was pushed out from underneath the fence and pressed against the opposing wall with enough force to (while not damaging the field or game pieces) restrict movement of the opposing team, but in this example no part of the first bot would be on the other side of the field, at all. Would this also be legal?
Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to properly explain my thinking. If executed correctly this could be game breaking stragety and I would like to see an official ruling on this to point to if someone tries it. In summary, <SG6a> singles “Robots” out as the means of contact that is illegal and says nothing about manipulated game pieces.

If a team pins/traps/grabs an opposing Robot across the fence via direct or indirect contact, this would still be a violation of <SG6a>.

Pushing Stars under the fence that get in the way of an opponent is still legal.