Answered: Another College Electronics

As per; We can do anything for the most part as long as we don’t touch the cortex or the Vexnet key. Does this include modifications to the Joystick system like a custom control box for operators?


There are no allowances in the College Challenge rules for modifying the VEXnet Joystick. Thus, what you have described would be illegal.

I’m sorry my wording was off in my original post. Let me clarify. Are we allowed to create or use an operator box that plugs into the partner port on the vexnet joystick? This does not modify the vexnet controller or vexnet key in anyway thus being custom electronics that don’t modify the cortex or vexnet system.

This would be allowed as long as the primary VEXnet Joystick is unmodified and the new item is only connected to the partner port.

Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!