Answered: Another SG9 question

SG9 in part states:

  1. Would it be legal to use one or more mobile goals to push multiple cones to a specific location on the field, such that the cones are only touching the mobile goals and not the robot? To clarify, these cones would not be stacked on the mobile goals.

  2. Would it be legal to use the one cone that is possessed by a robot to push other cones to a specific location on the field?

If these strategies were used to push Cones to a specific location of the field with the intent of hoarding them, then yes, your Robot would be in violation of this rule, regardless if it was the Robot, a Mobile Goal, or other Cones contacting the Cones in question.

Please see this Q&A for more clarification on what “hoarding” means, and this Q&A for more insight on what criteria referees will use to determine if an action is “hoarding” or not. However, as mentioned in the second link, if your Robot is just driving around the field trying to play the game, you’re probably not in violation of <SG9>.