Answered: Application of SG6a

Hi Karthik,

Further to the previous questions regarding SG6a, I have a few more questions about when to apply the rule. I’ve quoted the rule for convenience.

  1. Where does “their side of the Fence” begin? Is it literally at the halfway point of the Fence, or is it at the beginning of the near zone? Due to the zone in the middle of the field, which belongs to neither alliance, would a defence type structure in this zone be legal?

  2. If a robot moves freely on its way to the Fence, then it would have moved unrestricted. If that robot is then pushed away after reaching their destination, their movement still has not been restricted; they’ve just been moved away after they reached the destination. Therefore would it then be legal to push a robot away from the wall once it has stopped there:
    a. Assuming it doesn’t push back?
    b. Assuming it does push back?
    c. Assuming the robot is pushed in a direction that it does not have control in? (eg. Sideways on a robot on all omni-wheels)

  3. Would the above situation change if it was a robot playing offence moving a robot playing defence, as per G12 (section quote below)

  4. Since it’s clear that we may not limit the movement of a robot in relation to the field tiles, would it then also be illegal to restrict their ability to move in the vertical axis/direction? This would mean having a mechanism that limits the height an arm would be able to reach.

I apologise for beating a dead horse here, but I feel this rule is quite vague on a number of points.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is legal.

No, this would not change.

Reaching over the fence and pinning the Robot from above is not legal.

Don’t apologize. The goal of this forum is to help clear up any confusion teams may be having. Thanks for asking detailed and specific questions which help with this.

Basically, the intent of <SG6a> is to make sure that teams are not reaching over to the other side of the field to pin/trap/grab their opponents. Contact over the fence is expected as teams battle to dump/block.