Answered: Are Horizontal scoring posts independent in terms of "same color" scoring?

On the scoring posts where there are two horizontal scoring posts attached to a single vertical post and say 4 red rings are placed on the top horizontal post and 4 green rings are placed on the bottom horizontal post, does that count as 10 points for each ring since each horizontal post only contain rings of the same color?

The Horizontal Post is defined as “One of the two (2) pairs of horizontal posts consisting of VEX IQ pieces attached to the field and supporting structures with a diameter of approximately 1” (25 mm), starting height of 8” (203 mm) and 14” (356 mm), and overall length of 4” (108 mm).”

Thus, for a Horizontal Post to be considered Uniform, all rings on both horizontal segments must be the same colour. The pair of segments are considered together, not separately.