Answered: Are internal motor gears allowed to be used externally?

I have a team making a mechanism that I am not sure is legal. I thought I read this a long time ago but I can’t find it.

Are the internal gears of the 393 motors allowed to be used external to the motor?

What about the journal bearings (not pictured because ti does not come with the kit)

It does not seem to violate R5.b, R6, nor R15 but seems like it could.

The gear is being used as a gear and not anything else but it is not inside the 393 housing. So the motor itself is still intact with the right parts, there is just a separate set of (normally internal 393) gears housed external to the 393 motor. But the gears are sold as a part as pictured above in the refurb kit which makes me think it is legal.

However the metal journal bearing (hollow cylinder found inside the 393) is not a part of the refurb kit.

Edit: found it. Appears you said yes it is legal for the gears, but now adding the journal bearing.

Yes, this is correct answer.