Answered: Are on board air compressors legal?

@Karthik , @100099j and many others are very curious about this topic. @100099j actually has a working on board air compressor made completely out of VEX parts, which in my opinion is the most amazing thing I’ve heard someone built in VEX ever. If this was legal it would completely change VEX forever, not just starstruck, but every game from this point on. So what’s your ruling? Btw @Karthik VEX is the best thing I have competed in my whole entire life. It’s amazing, honestly.

( if u see dis @100099j pls make a legit demonstration vid, not a reveal, but a demonstration. You don’t have to show us any of the actual mechanisms for it, just show a legit demonstration. Honestly, to me, what you did is simply jaw dropping.)

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No, this is not legal.

Let’s take a look at <R18> from the VEX Robotics Comeptition Starstruck Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis: