Answered: Are Slight Modifications of Game Objects Allowed?

For the Game Design Challenge Animation, is the modification of defined game objects legal, such as adding protrusions onto the spines of the urchins to aid in game functionality?

Thanks in advance.

The definition of the third challenge object is:

In the game definition a “spiny sea urchin” is described as “a spherical object with spikes,” and you are asking if you can modify the shape of the spikes within the rules. The rules do discuss making the urchin out of different materials, including the characteristics of hard or soft. We want to encourage you to be creative, but your use of the Challenge Objects should recognizably be the objects described. So, an “urchin” with curving, spiral, or hooked spikes would not look like a sphere with spikes and would not meet the terms of the rules. Making the spikes thicker or thinner, or even changing the surface texture would be fine, as long as you meet the other conditions for the urchin object.

Thanks for the clarification!