Answered: Are Speakers Functional? (Non VEX Parts)

I would like to appeal this ruling. One of our teams has found a way to play a tune during the match. It does not transmit any information about the system as it plays the tune. We consider the speaker to be a non-functional decoration.

I’d like to see the ruling changed, barring that, a detailed explanation on how the speaker is “functional” within the realm of the game play.

This ruling will not be changed. There are a multitude of ways that a speaker could be made to be functional. As such it will not be considered a non-functional decoration.

Yes, I’m not here to debate the multitosity of the possible functionally of a speaker. In the same way that we don’t debate the functionally propositions around cardboard, tape and glitter that are used for decorations (but I will refer you to episode 81 of MacGyver where he defeated the bad guys with the cardboard gun that shot glitter that reflected the bad guys Laser).

It’s a speaker, plugged into port 1 of the Cortex, playing some mindless tune that they came up with. It’s an audio decoration.


A mindless tune to some ears could be a considerable distraction to others. The use of speakers will not be permitted in VEX Gateway.

Ok, I’ll take that as the final no for Gateway. But look for me after the new game is announced at Worlds in Disney to ask about speakers. :rolleyes:

Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome.