Answered: At what point is a goal tipped

In you said a slightly tilted goal would be scored but does that mean a mobile goal or the yellow cones that were stacked have to be flat against the tile in order to be tipped? Would the Mobile goal in the picture be tipped? Would the mobile goal in the picture be tipped if the goal was slightly angled upwards?

Yes, the Mobile Goal in the picture would be considered tipped. Please note that the Q&A post that you have linked to has other factors in play, namely, the fact that the Mobile Goal is resting on a Zone pipe and a Cone, which are explicitly listed in the definition of Stacked as acceptable.

It is difficult to issue a blanket ruling without further information. Based off of the image shown, it seems like angling the Mobile Goal “slightly upward” would still result in a stack that would not be considered upright. It will be at the discretion of the Head Referee to determine if a stack is upright or not; this topic will be explored in the referee training videos later this year.