Answered: Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge

Before I submit my entry I had a couple questions pertaining to the requirements.

  1. I cannot seem to find the CAD image for the Heliocentris Alternative Energy Kit. Could I be directed to where I might find this?

  2. As far as this:

Does this mean that, for example, if the major parts were the base and a claw (clawbot), 2 images of just that part (claw without the base; base without the claw)?


  1. Unfortunately, we do not have CAD drawings for the Heliocentris kit. Please do your best – and minor problems with pictures for the Heliocentris parts will not be counted against you. The best we can do is to direct you to this larger picture of the kit and let you know that those banana plugs have an overall length of about 45 mm (1.75"). You should be able to scale from that.

  2. Assemblies - Include some isometric drawings (3 at a minimum) showing key parts of your design. If you consider the claw to be the key part of your design, you should document that. The judges will be looking for three to four drawings so I would pay attention to the numbers.