Answered: Autoloader screws

I understand that in an earlier post it was clarified that the screws should not be used to tighten the autoloader. Does this mean that they should be placed in but not tightened or should they not be placed in the autoloader at all?

Screws are not to be used. Please see the following past Q&A entry for more details.

Thanks Karthik. I saw that Q&A but a tournament organizer at a recent event refused to remove the screws after we brought it to his attention. What would the protocol be to address this issue?

You’re welcome. If there’s an issue where it appears that a tournament organizer is unwilling to adhere to the competition rules, you should contact your RECF representative to make them aware of the issue. Hopefully this was just a miscommunication.

Ok. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!