Answered: Auton collision causes violation of SG9

Hello Karthik

I have a question regarding SG9 and the Autonomous Period.

“<SG9> Robots may not interfere with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections in any way. The
following actions are all illegal.
a) Contacting an opponent’s Autoloader and/or contents. (See Figure 22)
b) Contacting an opponent’s Skyrise Base and/or Skyrise. (See Figure 23)
c) Contacting an opponent’s Alliance Starting Tile or the grey foam field tile between the two
Alliance Starting Tiles and located in the corner of the field. (See Figures 24-25)
d) Contacting an opponent’s Robot that is contacting the foam field tiles mentioned in c) and not
contacting any other foam field tiles. (See Figure 26)
e) Contacting any Scoring Objects that are contacting the foam field tiles mentioned in c) and
not contacting any other foam field tiles.
f) Depositing Scoring Objects in/on the opponent’s foam field tiles mentioned in c) or on Robots
or Scoring Objects touching said tiles.
Please note that both direct contact (e.g. Robot making contact) and indirect contact (e.g. Robot
contacting a Scoring Object that makes contact) are considered violations of the above listed clauses.”

At one of our last competitions we had a match where our robot collided with another robot causing both robots to be knocked off course and causing there robot (who is our opponent) to aim at our starting tiles. There robot pushed a bunch of cubes and there robot ran into the protected zone. It wasn’t there intent to run into our starting tiles and it wasn’t our intent to knock them off course.

My question is how this would be called, in a previous post you said that the penalties for entering your opponents starting tile during Autonomous mode:

“1. A warning for offenses that do not effect the outcome of the match or the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus
2. The Autonomous Bonus being automatically awarded to the non-offending alliance for fouls that do not affect the final outcome of the match, but do affect the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus.
3. A disqualification for fouls that affect the final outcome of the match.”

Would the Autonomous mode be awarded to the other team because it affected the outcome of the autonomous mode? (They pushed our color cubes into our floor goals.) We didn’t force them to break the rule because we didn’t mean to hit them but at the same time they didn’t mean to run into our square.

We were wondering how this would be called?

The past Q&A that you quoted ( still applies.