Answered: Autonomou scoring of preloads

Is it correct that a preload tube can not be touching a post before the autonomous period begins? There are some posts that seem to indicate that teams are scoring in the autonomous period by mounting the preload rings on a post, but keeping them in contact with the robot.

SG2 also states that each team will have one tube available to preload. Is it legal to preload both tubes from an alliance onto one of the alliance robots?

Yes, this is correct. Preloaded rings may not touch any field element. Please see <SG2> quoted below. (Bolding added for emphasis)

Yes, the teams who are legally scoring this way, are doing so by preloading the rings such that they were touching the robot, encircling a goalpost, but never touching the goalpost.

No. One tube per robot, as specified in <SG2>.