Answered: Autonomous Fouls (Cones)

Say in autonomous, our opponent’s robot was to run straight toward ours in an attempt to screw up our autonomous hit us and knocked a cone placed, by my team, on the side of our robot for whatever reason, inside of our robot. Driver control starts and we just go along our business scoring cones left and right. Would our team be in the right because the other team forced us to break the rule by knocking a cone into our robot (in autonomous), thus letting us posses more than one cone at a time?

It is impossible to issue a blanket ruling on a snapshot description of a hypothetical scenario. Depending on the specifics of the interaction, any of the following rules (or G12) could apply.

If the autonomous mode was designed to cause this result:

If the team who “received” the Cone knew that the defensive autonomous was coming, and placed the Cone in an intentionally vulnerable position:

Regardless of how the Cone became lodged in your robot, remember that you would still be limited to the possession of just that one Cone for the duration of the Match. Teams are advised to bear this in mind when designing robots or setting up preload Cones.

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